Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why would anyone be so self centered?

Why do I need a blog title? I sat here for approximately 1 minute to think of a great name for my blog when I realized how arrogant it is to try and come up with a knock your socks off, I want people to read my blog title. I don’t really give a rat’s ass what my blog is called. I just want to scribble down and vent about how things are really going in my life and just…write. Amazingly, some people just want to be able to start writing and get things out of their head.

Ok, actually, I wanted a new hit when people searched my name on Google.

And again, how arrogant can a person be to actually think people are Googleing them.

Seriously, I have the newest version of Microsoft Word and I really want to know why these programmers for their dictionary have not added the words google, Googleing, or blog into their database. This is bullshit.

Oops, another realization you may make of how arrogant I am. I first write all my blogs on Microsoft Word and then save them only to transfer them online later. I like to save them on my hard drive and it’s a precaution. Sometimes your computer goes on a fritz when you are in the middle of a good idea on a blog and turns off. Or the server to the blog site freezes after you click on post or publish and there goes the blog you just spent an hour to write. People, after all, need to read my words.

One of the keys words I like to describe myself as: modest (humble), and kind. But, people who have blogs I truly believe are none of the above.

At least I try.