Saturday, June 25, 2011

List of Things I Need Pt. 1


Ugh, This Etsy thing is very trying when you also work 40+ hours a week. I get soo overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to buy for the shop!  I put them in order of importance

1) More Inventory

This one is obvious. I need more stuff to sell more stuff. Time to head to the warehouse!


2) Computer Printer

1303675 Larger Front

This one will save me time! Printing out shipping labels and decorative thank you notes/designing things will make things a snap

3) Camera

1218378 Larger Front


Just to get some fresher pics and inspirational shots. Jeremy needs something better to work with…and I need to get better pics taken.


4) Garment Rack

I’m running out of closet space! The sensible thing to save room in my already cramped apartment would be to store the items in a bin…but it seems unfair to store everything after its been kept away for years. Especially after I’ve steamed them and cleaned them!


That’s all for now. I suppose. I can’t wait to get new items but that probably won’t happen till next month some time. Hmm, maybe I can manage to swing by the end of this month. We’ll see!


Do you guys have items you need right now?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday


I saw this on as a weekly series on a blog and I thought to myself

“What Am I thankful for?”

There is one thing (besides the family) that I know I am COMPLETELY thankful for. . .


Charles Xavier











Charlie came into my life in March of 2010. He was originally my sister’s dog but she couldn’t keep him anymore.





He was stressed and unkempt. My sister was going through a difficult pregnancy and had a hard time keeping up with the 1 year old dog and her two teenage boys.

He’s clingy.


He’s a stubborn eater.

His hair grows like a weed.





She’s was going to give him up to a Schnazer rescue group, but I wanted to keep him in the family.

He’s a sweet lil’ guy





He’s my puppy. I know to many it just seems ridiculous to love a pet as much as I love Charlie, but he’s my whole world. He’s truly my best friend. I would do anything for him and he would do anything for me.

My sweet angel Charlie. I’m so glad I gave you a home.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Belt It When You Can Knot It?

I love a good belt, but lately too many people are belting things to make an outfit a little less boring.  Why belt it when you can tie it, knot it, clip it, cinch it, tuck it, pin it or cut it?

Now, you WILL see me put a belt on a few outfits on here, especially if I am selling the item (I don’t want to damage a garment I am selling!). Sometimes a belt is the best option.

But I challenge thee, think outside the box!

I’m not good at this fashion blog/photo taking thing…very humble beginnings.

out the way Charlie!

Grainy is my middle name

Yeah I pretty much always look displeased.

Floral Romper, Sweater, Turban – Urban Outfitters

Boots – Dr. Martens

Cut off leggings to hide my butt cheeks, baby’s got back. . .

Totally Amazing Time Waster!


So I finally got the help I need to decorate my room!

Check out this AH-mazing website, if you haven’t discovered it first yourself (I am always the last to know).




Pros of the programs:

    • Choose your own wall colors
    • choose from hundreds of furniture choices
    • able to accessorize rooms and surface tops
    • 360 and 3D-2D views
    • can add architectural features

Cons :

    • Unable to play with wall placement of shelves, art, tv’s etc (for example I want shelves at different heights on wall, but when placing shelves on “my walls” I can only use one standard placement)
    • cannot put d├ęcor items on shelves
    • Cannot change color of furniture to fit your wall colors/schemes.

Despite those minor issues, the program is a miracle. I can see what my room looks like before I spend a dollar on revamping it. This has helped me plan out what I wanted to do with my huge bare wall.

I will retake pics AGAIN of my room to illustrate what I have now/what I gots to work with and then show you pics from my MYDECO account. EEEK, so super excited.

What would your MYDECO room look like? I’d love to see what everyone comes up with! Have fun!

Birds on a Blossom Branch Wall Decal

shopping for wall decals? Check out some Etsy shops such as the one featured above! I Love the mix of colors and the variety that they have available!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boardwalk Empire

“WHAT A WEEK!!! Sometimes we all need to let loose and unwind. I’m so wound up I can eat nails and poop out screws. My back aches, my feet hurt, my eye has some weird bump/sty thing going on with it. I am a mess.”

That was me a week and a half ago, trying to wind down and write a blog entry. I finally had my little excursion to Atlantic City, my favorite cheap lil’ local vacation spot. I feel a little better, although I’m still experiencing a little anxiety. I really need to save up and really go away, somewhere far, where people seldom speak English. Hopefully by the end of the year.

I love Atlantic City, it’s the Jersey girl in me. It is the perfect blend of trash and glam. It’s not fake like Las Vegas and I think that is what I like about it. I can’t deal with all show and no personality, like Times Square cookie cutter image of a big city. I like the imperfections in life, wonky boardwalk floors, cheesy gift shops, cheap boardwalk food, a dirty little city beach, gum stuck under my flip flop…especially when its not trying to be anymore than what it is. It is a fun little town. I wish I had more time to spend there, but Jeremy can only get away for two days since he does not have vacation time yet, and he was the friend I chose to drag with me. He needed his first Atlantic ocean/REAL JERSEY SHORE experience (fuck you MTV’S Jersey Shore).

Step out of your hotel room and hit the boardwalk wood. Listen to the hollow footsteps as you walk down the famous stretch.THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. The smell of grilled foods and pizza fills the air, as the breeze from the ocean kisses your sunburned face. Is that chicken I smell, and boardwalk fries?! Throw some salt and vinegar onto those bad boys and drink it down with a cold beer. Look around, see the smiling faces of those who won big and see the disappointed looks of the ones that lost it all on one hand. Is that a crack head skittering by? Whoa, jump to the left he’s muttering angrily at a June bug. Look its an Atlantic City Boardwalk kitty walking by, I name her CHUY (Chewie) since she’s missing the tip of an ear. Her real name is Molly. I insist on calling her Chuy. OH NO, it’s starting to rain! Let’s get lost in this Casino and have a jolly good time!

I miss it already.

I really need to take some pics of my own to really capture what I think is just so amazing about this place. Camera come to me soon!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Splish Splash

Now that I have given up the vehicle, I spend most of my day walking around the neighborhood. I do not mind it one bit! I walk/jog about one mile a day, not to mention the running around the store for 9 hours. I honestly feel good again getting the extra work out. My body needed it.

I get to buy all these walking accessories. I bought a book bag (I haven’t owned one since high school!), a large umbrella, and now I am in the market for rain boots. Nothing worse than working in wet socks all day.


Vintage 1980's SPRING showers RUBBER Booties @Pomegranate Seed


little red rain boots @ benefit jewels supply

Burberry Buckle Rain Boots

Burberry Buckle Boot

Kamik - Kelsey

Kamik Rain boot

Very hard to find a cute rain boot! I do long for some big ole polka dotted one. The great thing is…rain boots are apparently out of season (I guess they never heard of Thunderstorms) so they are all pretty cheap right now! Score!!!

Remember I posted this blog not too long ago :Boy am I exhausted

I really wanted to take that advice to heart. My poor soul was aching for a change. I’ve really gone forward and did many of those things. Made the drastic change of getting rid of the car. I implore everyone to do something to jumpstart motivation in the positive direction. Of course, getting rid of your car is probably not an option for you but maybe getting rid of TV right after work for 3 hours. Or going for a walk before you go to work. Or skipping the second cup of coffee. Small steps equal steady gains in the long run. Try it out. What do you have to lose?