Sunday, February 13, 2011

My latest finds!

So another prosperous vintage shopping excursion! I cannot wait to take photos of my outfits and post them to sell on our etsy shop. I will post all the pics either tomorrow or Tuesday.

How to wear vintage

Why should you buy vintage?

Because every so often fashion trends from that past sneak right back up into the present. When you are on a budget, like I am, it is easier to buy vintage and make your old shirt you just bought from a thrift store for $10 into something that can be interpreted as fashion forward today.

Here are some things to do/not do when you are wearing vintage:

When it comes to accessories, less is more.
You just found some awesome vintage leather bags, scarves, shoes, and jewelry! You wear them all at the same time! DON'T! You want to be able to have that item be a statement in your outfit, not overpowered by everything else. As with modern times, try to be a little modest with the accessorizing. In the end you will get a lot more comments about where you got your scarf, and a lot less epileptic seizures of people spazzing out over your overwhelming outfit.

Do not over do it!

Choose one vintage piece and move on! You do not want to look like you are ready for an 80's party! Or a night in Williamsburg (unless you are from Williamsburg, then go ahead). The point is to pick a vintage piece and make it look relevant today. Although I do sometimes like to mix looks from different era's to "punk" up or "edge" out my outfit. I'm guilty of putting together a ripped up 90's graphic tee and a 70's plaid pencil skirt with 80's pumps. It was cute, but I was going for something funky and the outfit came out to be pretty relevant. Choose one item and pair it with something modern or a different decade.


70's secretary blouse with vintage Levi's cutoffs, modern military boots and a modern moto jacket.

50's tulle skirt with a modern chunky cropped sweater and modern structured wedges

Graphic tee with hi rise 70's plaid skirt and pumps

70's hi rise flares with asymmetrical pattern or color block sheer top with heels and oversized sweater.

The fun never stops!

Don't change for no one

Choose vintage pieces that fit your current style. For example, I may be hitting 30, but I am short and I look way younger than I am so I choose young, edgy and modern looks for my outfitting. If you are a little more modest, than choose pieces that fit your personality. If you pick things that cannot fit into your current looks, than you may look a little costumey on days that you choose to wear your vintage pieces.


If you have a closet full of denim jeans, T-shirts, and sweaters...Than be on the hunt for some cute blazers. They will fit very nicely into your closet

If you are more of a knee length skirt and cardigan type of girl...then be on the lookout for pencil skirts.

The point is to keep true to yourself and find things that compliment your current style!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In with the old!

It is to no surprise to anyone who knows me, I love thrift stores. I love vintage clothes.

My love for vintage pieces started when I was in high school. We didn't have much money, and I hated going clothes shopping with my mother. It always ended up with me wanting things my mother couldn't afford, her buying some things for me, giving me an evil eye at the checkout, then spent the ride home listening to how ungrateful a child I was. The whole time I never really said a word and wanted to cry during the experience because I felt so guilty wanting clothes in the first place. So I started saving my allowances and headed to the thrift shop to buy clothes. It was easy in the 90's! GRUNGE! flannels, work pants, t-shirts, grandpa cardi's. I fit in somewhere, thankfully, and didn't look poor, just "alternative". It wasn't an obsession as much as a way to survive the judgemental eyes of other teens.

When I got my first job after high school I didn't spend as much time shopping thrift. I could actually afford the things I wanted. It wasn't until my mid twenties that I discovered thrift again. It started easy...a purse here, some boots there. Before you know it, I was being too literal and looking like Pat Benetar. OK, that's a lil' harsh on myself but you get what I'm saying. But something happened to me. Something clicked.

Vintage shopping is akin to the thrill of the hunt. It's all about acquiring that "Find". You get this feeling when you enter the shop, "this is the place where I'll find 'it'". You never know what "it" is but you know when you see "it". You search through the racks, thumbing hanger by hanger, sifting through boxes, feeling ever so close to copping that perfect vintage piece. Sometimes you do find what you didn't know you were looking for. Many times you are left unfulfilled, ready to embark on another trip some other day.

I love the whole process.

So, I figure, why not capitalize on my passion? I plan on opening an Etsy shop selling all things vintage at first. The capital from the shop will then help pay for supplies into other ventures: Jewelry making, restyling clothing, refurbish/stylizing furniture. I even got myself a partner in this venture to help pay for upstart costs. It has me very much excited. I already made financial spread sheets, bought our first inventory, and we decided on the shop's name: Maraley and Mom Jeans!

We are both very excited to see what we can make of this shop and what we both can create. I'm just happy to find a partner!

Camaraderie is found in the strangest places!

so coming within the next few weeks will be Jeremy's and my Etsy shop. We are excited to bring you our best vintage finds and our original designs. Let the fun begin!

Allow me to explain

I'm back!

I've been on a bit of a sabbatical, taking some time off due to a lack of computer and quite honestly, a life. But no more!

I had to take time off. Last year was a personally challenging year. So many different feelings, ideas, and sets of new issues were directed into my life. I needed to assess things and be critical of myself. It is hard to judge your actions and be your own(only) cheerleader at the same time. It can be a bit aggravating to scold yourself and tell yourself "JOO CAN DO IT!". It many times left me indifferent.

I had to let my mind go free and be alone and I did it to find out what I really want and who I really am.

I am Maraley, a women 29 years of age who enjoys the simple things in life. I am strong willed but I do not like to fight. I'd rather try to come to a amicable solution by talking things through and figuring things out together. Quite a difficult task when you have people all around you with "things to prove". I have no patience for "dumbass-ery" - people who do not practice what they preach or follow their own guidelines...hypocrites. It causes great anger in me and makes me quite evil...which I really don't enjoy being a Debbie Downer. I know, nobody enjoys a hyprocrite and they are all around, I just need to fix my reaction towards them. I am sarcastic and have a biting sense of humor. I love comedy and I love being silly. It is to the point where I think no one takes me seriously, but at home I am very calm person. I want to be my own boss one day, and I am on the slow road in making that happen. Finding partners who share similiar ideas is a very hard thing to do!

I guess I can go on for hours about the person I am, blah blah blah...but who cares about all that?

So why do I have a blog? Because I have opinions and thoughts like every other human being and I believe I deserve a spot on the internet, like every other person. I believe I do have something interesting to say, as well as the life goal in trying to present that idea in a less negative light.

Plus I really enjoy clothes, business, New York City, and news pieces!

So if you are my friend and I haven't been the most present person I apologize. I've been analyzing myself. Thanks for the patience!