Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Allow me to explain

I'm back!

I've been on a bit of a sabbatical, taking some time off due to a lack of computer and quite honestly, a life. But no more!

I had to take time off. Last year was a personally challenging year. So many different feelings, ideas, and sets of new issues were directed into my life. I needed to assess things and be critical of myself. It is hard to judge your actions and be your own(only) cheerleader at the same time. It can be a bit aggravating to scold yourself and tell yourself "JOO CAN DO IT!". It many times left me indifferent.

I had to let my mind go free and be alone and I did it to find out what I really want and who I really am.

I am Maraley, a women 29 years of age who enjoys the simple things in life. I am strong willed but I do not like to fight. I'd rather try to come to a amicable solution by talking things through and figuring things out together. Quite a difficult task when you have people all around you with "things to prove". I have no patience for "dumbass-ery" - people who do not practice what they preach or follow their own guidelines...hypocrites. It causes great anger in me and makes me quite evil...which I really don't enjoy being a Debbie Downer. I know, nobody enjoys a hyprocrite and they are all around, I just need to fix my reaction towards them. I am sarcastic and have a biting sense of humor. I love comedy and I love being silly. It is to the point where I think no one takes me seriously, but at home I am very calm person. I want to be my own boss one day, and I am on the slow road in making that happen. Finding partners who share similiar ideas is a very hard thing to do!

I guess I can go on for hours about the person I am, blah blah blah...but who cares about all that?

So why do I have a blog? Because I have opinions and thoughts like every other human being and I believe I deserve a spot on the internet, like every other person. I believe I do have something interesting to say, as well as the life goal in trying to present that idea in a less negative light.

Plus I really enjoy clothes, business, New York City, and news pieces!

So if you are my friend and I haven't been the most present person I apologize. I've been analyzing myself. Thanks for the patience!

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