Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Successful Photo Shoot





Of course my face is cut off. Baby steps. . . baby steps. So here are my items in all there glorious gloryness!



We like to refer to this as the auntie christening dress, because it looks like a dress your aunt would have worn at a christening in 1987. Savor it. The dress is made by Nilani Petites and I researched the company and RN and dated it to be around 1982 and 1984. Wonderful

Dress: Nilani Petites – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell – Urban Outfitters


I really love this dress but I am too busty for it. I am also too rolly in the middle. The fabric likes to kiss the sides of my handles. This dress would look adorable on a size 5 or 6 chick. Designer Linda Matthews is not in the Database (a Linda Matthews is, but it's not this Linda Matthews) found similar dresses online with the same tag dated from the 70's.

Dress: Linda Matthews – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell – Urban Outfitters



Jeremy said this skirt reminds him of a shirt his grandma would wear. I think it's adorable and I like this mix of colors. I threw on a cream cropped oversized sweatshirt and I thought I looked adorable. The shirt is made by Haberdashery, a division of the Leslie Fay Company. Researching the trademark, Union tag and RN dates the item to between the years of 82 – 88 but no later than 92'.

Skirt: Haberdashery – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Shirt: By Corpus cropped hooded sweatshirt – Urban Outfitters

Boots: Deena and Ozzy studded buckle boot – Urban Outfitters



Very cute 60's dress, made from the same cloth as my other 60's dress but a different color. Found them in the same box together. Handmade so you know someone like a certain fabric! My other dress is Orange with a Metal zipper and this one is blue with a plastic one.

Dress: Handmade 60's – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Boots: Deena and Ozzy studded buckle boots – Urban Outfitters


I bought this sweater in November 2009 and I remember it because I wore it for the first time when I first heard that Jeremy was moving back to NYC. I didn't wear it for a while because I thought it was cursed (Mom Jeans and I were frenemies then). But it's actually good luck 'cause he's my bested friend EVER and he's back! It's handmade and the style is very 70s or 80s. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this sweater.

Shorts: Ecote – Urban Outfitters

Sweater: Handmade Vintage – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Shoes: Cooperative – Urban Outfitters



I bought this handmade dress at a vintage warehouse last year and wore it a few times. Got a bunch of compliments on the "country" style of the dress. The only reason I am giving it up is because I feel that it is time to pass it on to the next owner. That is the thing with vintage. Some people are roamers and never settle. I feel that this dress is a roamer and needs to move on.

Dress: Handmade Vintage – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Boots: Dr. Martens

Sweater: Coincidence and Chance – Urban Outfitters

Belt: Urban Outfitters



Awesome 80's shirt. I love crazy prints and colors and this shirt satisfies all those needs in one fell swoop. I love this whole outfit and if no one buys this shirt soon I will keep it for me self! The shirt is made by French Navy. I researched trademark and RN to come up with an estimate between 1986-1989. These are the years the company was in business!

Shirt: French Navy – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Jeans: Silence and Noise Hi-rise flare – Urban Outfitters

Vest: Ecote surplus vest – Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Cooperative wedges – Urban Outfitters



This sweater is super large and super comfy! Unfortunately it is not my size. I simply adore the pattern, and Jeremy thought it was pretty cool too. I really like these shoes as well. My heart fluttered a bit when I found them at the super fun warehouse of vintage! I cannot find this company that makes this sweater any where but other people dated it back to the 70's or 80's. I personally think it looks like early 90's.

Sweater: Inca Imports – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Shirt: Pins and Needles – Urban Outfitters

Shorts: Ecote – Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Newton Elkin – Maraley and Mom Jeans


I love, love, love the way this skirt fits. It is a gauzy, sheer cotton skirt that fits like pj's. It really feels awesome on and does that cool flowy thing that makes you look dramatic every where you walk you are in a Mariah Carey video!I really liked mixing it with this cinch waist smocked shirt.

Skirt: Revue – Maraley and Mom Jeans

Shirt: Pins and Needles – Urban Outfitters

Boots – Deena and Ozzy – Urban Outfitters




Well that is about it for now. I was really happy how the outfitting and pictures came out. Things go well when you don't have a panic attack about them. I hope someone purchases one of these items and is as satisfied with them as I am.


I plan on going shopping possibly tomorrow or next Thursday. I'll let ya'll know what's going on!

PS can you tell I'm in retail Urban Outfitters!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Snow

This is getting just about pretty ridiculous at this point. I am so sick of snow. I used to live in the Mountains a year and a half ago and I escaped to get AWAY from the snow. What happens? NYC sees the most snow its seen in like 10 years. I think it is intrinsically cruel for the weather to do this to me. I've been a good lil' girl. Recycling, driving less, picking up after my dogs turds. Nature should not be striking back at an innocent bystander such as myself. How rude!

Well, anyway, on this snowy day, I vow to myself that I will no longer be scared to take pictures. I don't know if anyone reads this, but there was a post where I spoke about my Etsy shop pics I took on March 3rd. I explained to everyone how I had a panic attack and cried during the shoot. I rushed through all my pics and outfitting because of the attack, and became more upset because of that. I have a real big problem taking pictures and I am not going to have it anymore DAMN IT! I did some outfitting and MomJeans and I are planning to take pictures on Sunday, if he is off.

I really need to just man up and take some pictures of myself. Shoot, I have to get my eyebrows done. . .

me at a party at my place last month. I was pretty toasted in this picture. I also rushed my hair and make up since I worked earlier that day and had to clean the apartment. Story of my life

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming out of retirement

I'm going to be 30. It's a fact.

I spent the last year in hiding. I haven't been going out. I've been resting more often. I even got me a dog!

I love him. His name is Charlie!

He seriously is the apple of my eye...the cream in my coffee. He's just so cute and cuddly. But I digress.

I've been seriously stressed out and I guess you can say depressed. I dropped out of society and kinda hid myself away for a year. I went out a few times, but not as much as a single 29 year old women should. It's time I come out of retirement and get back out into the world! I'm going to be 30! This is a great event!

So of course, I went out with my young 22 year old friends to celebrate my coming out into society again. I feel that a lot of my sadness and stress was brought on by my hermitism. I need to get back out and have fun again and let off some steam. So we went to White Noise in LES and just got crazy.

We pregamed at my place. Heinekeins and 4 Loko's from the bodegas. Then we got into the car (designated driver was sober of course!) and went down to LES. Tiny couldn't wait to finish her LOKO

Then I proceeded to drink some beer and dance on top of tables!

Just can't do things slowly! I'm a party animal. When I get down, I get down! I seriously act like a girl half my age when it comes to letting my hair down. I just like to have fun and live life! I don't know why I let it go!

I'm going to try and make it a weekly thing. I need to get out more often and enjoy life and just living in the most amazing area in the world!

I should be better to myself. I've been really down and just miserable. I haven't been taking care of myself or really paying attention to my needs. It has just been about work, paying bills, and surviving.

How is that any way to live. Sure it is reality, but if we do not let go every once in a while and just enjoy the things in life, how are we ever going to appreciate all that we have? We just become resentful of our responsibilities. At least there are responsibilities to be had!

It's the main reason why I started the Etsy shop. I wanted an outlet to express myself and satiate a shopping thirst.

I vow to myself to be good, have fun when I am down, and just enjoy life and living it!

I owe it to my poor aching self. I'm hoping this is the remedy to all my aching ailments!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Stop, breathe, analyze, move forward.

About 16 times a day I stop and remind myself that not everything is permanent. Or not everyone is annoying. That there is always a reason behind a behavior or a reaction. I try to always appease that reason or at least understand so I can move on with my day.

I have a pretty ugly temper that I have for the last 5 years or so kept under wraps. Its a part of getting older.

What I need is a vacation! I need to go to Puerto Rico again and sit under a palm tree while relaxing on a beach. I need to eat Arroz con Pollo and Papas Rellena.

I need a new outlook and a new direction as well.

What I need is a better internet connection too!

Now I've turned to rambles....

Pay day is on Thursday which means NEW INVENTORY for my shop. Oh, thrifting, you are soo therapeutic!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Process of Elimination

I am a bit addicted to vintage shopping. I guess I am not a true addict in the sense that I spend every last dime on buying. I try to reasonably shop within my allotted budget. Some of these finds are just so hard to part with and sell. However, I am a product of this capitalist country and my need for more money always beats out my love of the article of clothing. Doesn’t make it any easier to part with some of these things!

My process is quite simple: I buy what I like.

I try and pay close attention to current trends, color palettes, silhouettes, and what other vintage shoppers are buying. I don’t want to be the only one who wants that multicolor neon leotard from 1979. I try to be reasonable and watch who is selling what on Etsy. I need to please my potential customers!

Of course, there are your upsets: the perfect find with stains, holes, and wear & tear. Its always so demoralizing. I assess the damage and make sure it is negligible. I ask myself, “Would I still wear it and rock that lil’ hole?”

The following rudimentary pictures are of my latest finds and some outfitting suggestions for them. Alas, as I said before, the pictures I took the other day were somewhat rushed and not my ideal outfitting. I’m upset but I will try and validate myself now!

Sexy Secretary

broochtopshopcute vintage

IMG00329-20110304-2352[1] (2)

I love this dress. It fits me beautifully. It’s the perfect mix of demure and sensual. Especially if you leave the top button open. The belt that came with the original outfit is missing but I never use the belts that are supplied with dresses. I like having fun mixing looks around.

I would wear it with:

I wish I had enough money to buy the whole look!

Make it your own

motocrossecotebelt omg


Shh!! No one needs to know! That’s what I say about this jumpsuit! This actually is a uniform (nurse, work, etc) but it fits wonderfully. I actually like the style of the whole thing. Honestly, if no one realizes what it actually is, no one will actually care if you pull it off nicely!

Imma’ put it on with this:

MOD About you!

zebra belt OMG2


I love the 60’s. The clothes, the movies, the styles. If it weren’t for all that social turmoil I would really just want to transport back in time and live in that era. I saw the West Side Story. I saw how they treated Puerto Ricans! The Color of this dress is so amazing and bright, not to mention a very big color this season. Modernize it with Modern wedges and animal prints.

Wear it with:

Turning Grandma into a Gilf



I actually really like these two tops a lot. They do have a tendency to look very very dated. But simple accessorizing and pairing with VERY a simple bottom, modern jacket, and awesome shoes will help you go from moth balls to magic! Avoid blazers and sweaters unless it is an oversized modern cut sweater (i.e. hi-low or fishtail)

I’ll rock it with:

Try a graphic Tee

IMG00339-20110305-0123 iggyIMG00334-20110305-0121 20663001_001_aIMG00337-20110305-0122

If you asked me to suggest something to wear with a preppy/dressy skirt a few years ago, I probably would have never suggested a graphic tee. But how cute would a cropped, torn, oversized, edgy tee look with these bottoms? Edgy is my middle name and I think that these would look chic with a blazer and tee. Remember, in order to get the best use of these items you got to make them an every day outfit!

Imma’ show you:

And all the Trimmings!!

IMG00338-20110305-0122 IMG00342-20110305-0124[1]



I want to keep that bag so badly! If it doesn’t sell in a month I might just do that. It is so 60’s riffic and in almost perfect condition. The high heel loafers are adorable and I think if they don’t sell in a month as well they are as good as mine. Here’s hoping to fate! Of course if one does decide to buy the loafer wear them with flare jeans! That’s what I intended on doing with them! Happy shopping ya’ll!

Remember, don’t be too literal with your outfit and be creative! Don’t worry about the look being to Juvenile either. As long as you pair it with a mature attitude (and at least one mature piece) you’ll be fine!

Have fun!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A little bit hasty

On Friday, We finally took pics of all our Etsy items! Thursday was Jeremy’s (Mom Jeans-MJ) birthday and he came and stayed over to celebrate, and to be here to take pics bright and early in the morning.

We went shopping for vintage for our Etsy shop and to the Comedy Cellar in the West Village to celebrate. I wore a hi-waisted black circle skirt with a cropped grey multi-colored striped sweatshirt and a vintage denim vest. Mom Jeans wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a tiger face sweatshirt (of course). At the vintage depot emporium deluxe (that’s what I like to refer to it as) MJ found a sweet navy shirt that looked very nice on him, an epic sea turtle shirt, and some pretty cool band tees, and we found multiple items to sell in our shop. Than it was back home to watch Soprano’s (MJ never saw not one episode before a few weeks ago) eat dinner and then off to the club. Before we got into the club, MJ and I were talking about the sun and tanning, and how it is much easier to tan where he is from and how it is comparable to over here. It’s pretty hard to tan around here and I chalk it up to years of industrial pollution. While we were talking to each other, a Barbie looking bimbo insisted on walking across a patch of ice directly in the middle of the street. MJ and I both wished for her to fall. She didn’t. It solidified to me why we are such good friends. It’s not that we are inherently evil or wanted her to hurt herself. We just like funny.

We had a good time drinking beer (diet coke was not allowed for the birthday boy at a comedy club, besides he had some earlier in the evening) and laughing up a storm at Dave Attel, Sherrod Small, Amy Schumer, Ted Alexandro, Godfrey, William Stephenson and some other people I was way to inebriated to remember. The same Barbie, I believe it was her, was heckled by Godfrey for talking loudly (and rudely) during the show. When he called out to her, and hinted for her to stop (in a sarcastic, comedians way), she got very rude and was annoyed at HIM. You’re at a comedy club honey, that is what he is paid to do. Everyone clapped when she got up and left. I knew I was right for wanting that bimbo to fall down.

Well that was all a digression to the particular reason as to why I am writing the Blog update. The shop will be up and running very shortly! We are so excited. I’ve been particularly mean to MJ lately; call it what you may, but I have been very emotional and snappy lately. Poor MJ, as my best friend, he sure is taking the brunt of my emotional inconsistencies. He is such a good sport! Well the rollercoaster ride that is Maraley’s mood swings took a pretty nasty turn today. I HATE taking pictures. I either have to be pretty drunk, or in a really good mood so my anxiety won’t take over. I get panic attacks with pictures. I really wish I can take pics of my outfits to show everyone, but this will prove to be a very boring fashion blog since I am crazy town scared to show my face. Poor MJ had to deal with my crying and shaking before the whole picture taking ceremony. It wasn’t until Patches, my roommate’s cat, came over and nuzzled and rubbed against my leg that I started to calm down. That cat is an unfriendly Queen, and rarely does that unless she wants food. But after she was done with me she ran up to MJ and did the same. I calmed enough to let him start snapping some pics and we got through a good bit of our inventory. Just talking about taking those pics today just made me nauseas. Throughout the process, I am determined to let pics filter into this blog and through Etsy (Until I buy a form!).
I will post some of the pics as soon as MJ sends them to me.

Ugh, that’s another thing. I felt so rushed by the whole process, that I couldn’t really get the outfitting together like I wanted it to be. My hair was gross, my makeup half assed. I just couldn’t get it together enough. So I apologize. I kinda' put everything together hastily. I know, I’m hideous and need a haircut. That’s the mood swing talking. We thought we would have more time than what we actually did. But it came together alright for our first time around. We only pledge to get better! Jeremy (MJ) was actually talking about some interesting ideas that he was throwing together.

Well, Just wait for the transformation into AWESOME!