Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming out of retirement

I'm going to be 30. It's a fact.

I spent the last year in hiding. I haven't been going out. I've been resting more often. I even got me a dog!

I love him. His name is Charlie!

He seriously is the apple of my eye...the cream in my coffee. He's just so cute and cuddly. But I digress.

I've been seriously stressed out and I guess you can say depressed. I dropped out of society and kinda hid myself away for a year. I went out a few times, but not as much as a single 29 year old women should. It's time I come out of retirement and get back out into the world! I'm going to be 30! This is a great event!

So of course, I went out with my young 22 year old friends to celebrate my coming out into society again. I feel that a lot of my sadness and stress was brought on by my hermitism. I need to get back out and have fun again and let off some steam. So we went to White Noise in LES and just got crazy.

We pregamed at my place. Heinekeins and 4 Loko's from the bodegas. Then we got into the car (designated driver was sober of course!) and went down to LES. Tiny couldn't wait to finish her LOKO

Then I proceeded to drink some beer and dance on top of tables!

Just can't do things slowly! I'm a party animal. When I get down, I get down! I seriously act like a girl half my age when it comes to letting my hair down. I just like to have fun and live life! I don't know why I let it go!

I'm going to try and make it a weekly thing. I need to get out more often and enjoy life and just living in the most amazing area in the world!

I should be better to myself. I've been really down and just miserable. I haven't been taking care of myself or really paying attention to my needs. It has just been about work, paying bills, and surviving.

How is that any way to live. Sure it is reality, but if we do not let go every once in a while and just enjoy the things in life, how are we ever going to appreciate all that we have? We just become resentful of our responsibilities. At least there are responsibilities to be had!

It's the main reason why I started the Etsy shop. I wanted an outlet to express myself and satiate a shopping thirst.

I vow to myself to be good, have fun when I am down, and just enjoy life and living it!

I owe it to my poor aching self. I'm hoping this is the remedy to all my aching ailments!

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