Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Snow

This is getting just about pretty ridiculous at this point. I am so sick of snow. I used to live in the Mountains a year and a half ago and I escaped to get AWAY from the snow. What happens? NYC sees the most snow its seen in like 10 years. I think it is intrinsically cruel for the weather to do this to me. I've been a good lil' girl. Recycling, driving less, picking up after my dogs turds. Nature should not be striking back at an innocent bystander such as myself. How rude!

Well, anyway, on this snowy day, I vow to myself that I will no longer be scared to take pictures. I don't know if anyone reads this, but there was a post where I spoke about my Etsy shop pics I took on March 3rd. I explained to everyone how I had a panic attack and cried during the shoot. I rushed through all my pics and outfitting because of the attack, and became more upset because of that. I have a real big problem taking pictures and I am not going to have it anymore DAMN IT! I did some outfitting and MomJeans and I are planning to take pictures on Sunday, if he is off.

I really need to just man up and take some pictures of myself. Shoot, I have to get my eyebrows done. . .

me at a party at my place last month. I was pretty toasted in this picture. I also rushed my hair and make up since I worked earlier that day and had to clean the apartment. Story of my life

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