Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An update for no particular reason. . .

I love my little brown friends. So young and idealistic. Just such good people full of life and happiness. I had a very good two weeks with them, drinking, midnight swimming, laughing, dancing, talking, eating at Sonic, and just enjoying what I missed out on all last year. A social life.

I'm a very social person and need social people to be with. I have realized this, maybe a little too late. I always seem to choose very antisocial or shy guys to be with and end up being completely miserable in relationships. In love, but sad when the guy is either to lazy or not feeling social enough to go out. I then conform to what I think they want, and then they end up being bored because they never told me what THEY wanted to do. Then I'm left alone. Annoying.

But I don't think I would do well with an extroverted man. Because I would feel in competition because that is how I am.

So I guess I just gotta learn to not conform to what I think guys want.

I'm actually really happy lately. I'm being really silly with friends lately but things are looking up. I've enrolled back into school. I'm not taking out any loans because I can actually pay everything up front. Sure its going to be less money that I can save to move out, but sacrifices have to be made so I don't have huge loan payments to pay after I graduate and can actually just move into having a good life with no debts. Take advantage of living at home, trying to save, get good credit and be able to one day pay for my own business. Be smart about things.

But I did make some splurge buys. I bought rock band for xbox 360. I'm addicted and I love thoughtless hobbies. Poor Wii, laying useless in the spare bedroom. You suck!