Saturday, September 12, 2009

A conversation I had with myself

I was in line at Starbucks waiting to get a tazo iced tea. I always argue with myself in line at Starbucks for two reasons. First argument always has to do with why I go there in the first place. I do not drink coffee and think it is ridiculous to spend the money people do on caffeinated drinks. I understand forking the payment over for something that will give you an interesting night, if not one you may regret in some way. But that is part of the fun and gamble with alcohol.

The second argument is usually about what I can be eating besides yummy expensive pre made Starbucks Sammiches. The sandwiches are really delcious but I can eat something more filling for about the same price. Which brings me to a realization I came to in this line.

I eat way to many hamburgers.

I haven't been gaining weight. On the contrary it is dropping. Slowly, but steadily. This brought me to my self argument. "Maraley how much weight could you be losing if you didn't eat Hamburgers"

It was a lot like this.

Inner enlighted Mara (IEM) - "Mara, imagine how much weight you could be losing if you didn't eat a hamburger and fries 2-3 times a week. How about you cut down."

Mara - . . . (hums and obviously ignores IEM.)

IEM - "Listen, I know you are really happy with life. But, you gotta cut down on them burgers. No more burgers Mara, no more burgers Mara, no more burgers Mara. .

Mara - " But, but they is sooo yummy!"

IEM - "But you would look soo hot"

Mara - "They make me happy"

IEM - "Okay, how about once a week"

Mara - "once?"

IEM - (gives a slightly annoyed, raised eyebrow, tilted head look)

Mara - "okay okay once a week"

I wish I were joking about this conversation. But it truly happened in my head with the looks, humming and all. Sandra (coworker) comes in behind me and I retold the conversation to her, but with a little less description so she wouldn't think I was completely ridiculous. The Barista laughed at me.

I'm adorable.