Saturday, March 5, 2011

A little bit hasty

On Friday, We finally took pics of all our Etsy items! Thursday was Jeremy’s (Mom Jeans-MJ) birthday and he came and stayed over to celebrate, and to be here to take pics bright and early in the morning.

We went shopping for vintage for our Etsy shop and to the Comedy Cellar in the West Village to celebrate. I wore a hi-waisted black circle skirt with a cropped grey multi-colored striped sweatshirt and a vintage denim vest. Mom Jeans wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a tiger face sweatshirt (of course). At the vintage depot emporium deluxe (that’s what I like to refer to it as) MJ found a sweet navy shirt that looked very nice on him, an epic sea turtle shirt, and some pretty cool band tees, and we found multiple items to sell in our shop. Than it was back home to watch Soprano’s (MJ never saw not one episode before a few weeks ago) eat dinner and then off to the club. Before we got into the club, MJ and I were talking about the sun and tanning, and how it is much easier to tan where he is from and how it is comparable to over here. It’s pretty hard to tan around here and I chalk it up to years of industrial pollution. While we were talking to each other, a Barbie looking bimbo insisted on walking across a patch of ice directly in the middle of the street. MJ and I both wished for her to fall. She didn’t. It solidified to me why we are such good friends. It’s not that we are inherently evil or wanted her to hurt herself. We just like funny.

We had a good time drinking beer (diet coke was not allowed for the birthday boy at a comedy club, besides he had some earlier in the evening) and laughing up a storm at Dave Attel, Sherrod Small, Amy Schumer, Ted Alexandro, Godfrey, William Stephenson and some other people I was way to inebriated to remember. The same Barbie, I believe it was her, was heckled by Godfrey for talking loudly (and rudely) during the show. When he called out to her, and hinted for her to stop (in a sarcastic, comedians way), she got very rude and was annoyed at HIM. You’re at a comedy club honey, that is what he is paid to do. Everyone clapped when she got up and left. I knew I was right for wanting that bimbo to fall down.

Well that was all a digression to the particular reason as to why I am writing the Blog update. The shop will be up and running very shortly! We are so excited. I’ve been particularly mean to MJ lately; call it what you may, but I have been very emotional and snappy lately. Poor MJ, as my best friend, he sure is taking the brunt of my emotional inconsistencies. He is such a good sport! Well the rollercoaster ride that is Maraley’s mood swings took a pretty nasty turn today. I HATE taking pictures. I either have to be pretty drunk, or in a really good mood so my anxiety won’t take over. I get panic attacks with pictures. I really wish I can take pics of my outfits to show everyone, but this will prove to be a very boring fashion blog since I am crazy town scared to show my face. Poor MJ had to deal with my crying and shaking before the whole picture taking ceremony. It wasn’t until Patches, my roommate’s cat, came over and nuzzled and rubbed against my leg that I started to calm down. That cat is an unfriendly Queen, and rarely does that unless she wants food. But after she was done with me she ran up to MJ and did the same. I calmed enough to let him start snapping some pics and we got through a good bit of our inventory. Just talking about taking those pics today just made me nauseas. Throughout the process, I am determined to let pics filter into this blog and through Etsy (Until I buy a form!).
I will post some of the pics as soon as MJ sends them to me.

Ugh, that’s another thing. I felt so rushed by the whole process, that I couldn’t really get the outfitting together like I wanted it to be. My hair was gross, my makeup half assed. I just couldn’t get it together enough. So I apologize. I kinda' put everything together hastily. I know, I’m hideous and need a haircut. That’s the mood swing talking. We thought we would have more time than what we actually did. But it came together alright for our first time around. We only pledge to get better! Jeremy (MJ) was actually talking about some interesting ideas that he was throwing together.

Well, Just wait for the transformation into AWESOME!

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