Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Process of Elimination

I am a bit addicted to vintage shopping. I guess I am not a true addict in the sense that I spend every last dime on buying. I try to reasonably shop within my allotted budget. Some of these finds are just so hard to part with and sell. However, I am a product of this capitalist country and my need for more money always beats out my love of the article of clothing. Doesn’t make it any easier to part with some of these things!

My process is quite simple: I buy what I like.

I try and pay close attention to current trends, color palettes, silhouettes, and what other vintage shoppers are buying. I don’t want to be the only one who wants that multicolor neon leotard from 1979. I try to be reasonable and watch who is selling what on Etsy. I need to please my potential customers!

Of course, there are your upsets: the perfect find with stains, holes, and wear & tear. Its always so demoralizing. I assess the damage and make sure it is negligible. I ask myself, “Would I still wear it and rock that lil’ hole?”

The following rudimentary pictures are of my latest finds and some outfitting suggestions for them. Alas, as I said before, the pictures I took the other day were somewhat rushed and not my ideal outfitting. I’m upset but I will try and validate myself now!

Sexy Secretary

broochtopshopcute vintage

IMG00329-20110304-2352[1] (2)

I love this dress. It fits me beautifully. It’s the perfect mix of demure and sensual. Especially if you leave the top button open. The belt that came with the original outfit is missing but I never use the belts that are supplied with dresses. I like having fun mixing looks around.

I would wear it with:

I wish I had enough money to buy the whole look!

Make it your own

motocrossecotebelt omg


Shh!! No one needs to know! That’s what I say about this jumpsuit! This actually is a uniform (nurse, work, etc) but it fits wonderfully. I actually like the style of the whole thing. Honestly, if no one realizes what it actually is, no one will actually care if you pull it off nicely!

Imma’ put it on with this:

MOD About you!

zebra belt OMG2


I love the 60’s. The clothes, the movies, the styles. If it weren’t for all that social turmoil I would really just want to transport back in time and live in that era. I saw the West Side Story. I saw how they treated Puerto Ricans! The Color of this dress is so amazing and bright, not to mention a very big color this season. Modernize it with Modern wedges and animal prints.

Wear it with:

Turning Grandma into a Gilf



I actually really like these two tops a lot. They do have a tendency to look very very dated. But simple accessorizing and pairing with VERY a simple bottom, modern jacket, and awesome shoes will help you go from moth balls to magic! Avoid blazers and sweaters unless it is an oversized modern cut sweater (i.e. hi-low or fishtail)

I’ll rock it with:

Try a graphic Tee

IMG00339-20110305-0123 iggyIMG00334-20110305-0121 20663001_001_aIMG00337-20110305-0122

If you asked me to suggest something to wear with a preppy/dressy skirt a few years ago, I probably would have never suggested a graphic tee. But how cute would a cropped, torn, oversized, edgy tee look with these bottoms? Edgy is my middle name and I think that these would look chic with a blazer and tee. Remember, in order to get the best use of these items you got to make them an every day outfit!

Imma’ show you:

And all the Trimmings!!

IMG00338-20110305-0122 IMG00342-20110305-0124[1]



I want to keep that bag so badly! If it doesn’t sell in a month I might just do that. It is so 60’s riffic and in almost perfect condition. The high heel loafers are adorable and I think if they don’t sell in a month as well they are as good as mine. Here’s hoping to fate! Of course if one does decide to buy the loafer wear them with flare jeans! That’s what I intended on doing with them! Happy shopping ya’ll!

Remember, don’t be too literal with your outfit and be creative! Don’t worry about the look being to Juvenile either. As long as you pair it with a mature attitude (and at least one mature piece) you’ll be fine!

Have fun!

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