Saturday, June 25, 2011

List of Things I Need Pt. 1


Ugh, This Etsy thing is very trying when you also work 40+ hours a week. I get soo overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to buy for the shop!  I put them in order of importance

1) More Inventory

This one is obvious. I need more stuff to sell more stuff. Time to head to the warehouse!


2) Computer Printer

1303675 Larger Front

This one will save me time! Printing out shipping labels and decorative thank you notes/designing things will make things a snap

3) Camera

1218378 Larger Front


Just to get some fresher pics and inspirational shots. Jeremy needs something better to work with…and I need to get better pics taken.


4) Garment Rack

I’m running out of closet space! The sensible thing to save room in my already cramped apartment would be to store the items in a bin…but it seems unfair to store everything after its been kept away for years. Especially after I’ve steamed them and cleaned them!


That’s all for now. I suppose. I can’t wait to get new items but that probably won’t happen till next month some time. Hmm, maybe I can manage to swing by the end of this month. We’ll see!


Do you guys have items you need right now?

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