Monday, June 20, 2011

Totally Amazing Time Waster!


So I finally got the help I need to decorate my room!

Check out this AH-mazing website, if you haven’t discovered it first yourself (I am always the last to know).




Pros of the programs:

    • Choose your own wall colors
    • choose from hundreds of furniture choices
    • able to accessorize rooms and surface tops
    • 360 and 3D-2D views
    • can add architectural features

Cons :

    • Unable to play with wall placement of shelves, art, tv’s etc (for example I want shelves at different heights on wall, but when placing shelves on “my walls” I can only use one standard placement)
    • cannot put décor items on shelves
    • Cannot change color of furniture to fit your wall colors/schemes.

Despite those minor issues, the program is a miracle. I can see what my room looks like before I spend a dollar on revamping it. This has helped me plan out what I wanted to do with my huge bare wall.

I will retake pics AGAIN of my room to illustrate what I have now/what I gots to work with and then show you pics from my MYDECO account. EEEK, so super excited.

What would your MYDECO room look like? I’d love to see what everyone comes up with! Have fun!

Birds on a Blossom Branch Wall Decal

shopping for wall decals? Check out some Etsy shops such as the one featured above! I Love the mix of colors and the variety that they have available!


Sophia said...

haha thank you!! <3 & yes its my mama :)
i looove the wall paper decals!! so cool!


aquariann said...

Fun website! And awesome wall decal!!

RMC said...

Oh my gosh...that looks like something that could suck me in for hours!!

RMC said...

Following you from the Blog Team!!!

maraley said...

Sophia: Your Mother is so cute and stylish. Reminds me of my lil' mama!

Aquariann - Thanks stumble friend!

RMC - I'm already following you sweetcheeks...and loving your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE the nautical stuff!