Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Splish Splash

Now that I have given up the vehicle, I spend most of my day walking around the neighborhood. I do not mind it one bit! I walk/jog about one mile a day, not to mention the running around the store for 9 hours. I honestly feel good again getting the extra work out. My body needed it.

I get to buy all these walking accessories. I bought a book bag (I haven’t owned one since high school!), a large umbrella, and now I am in the market for rain boots. Nothing worse than working in wet socks all day.


Vintage 1980's SPRING showers RUBBER Booties @Pomegranate Seed


little red rain boots @ benefit jewels supply

Burberry Buckle Rain Boots

Burberry Buckle Boot

Kamik - Kelsey

Kamik Rain boot

Very hard to find a cute rain boot! I do long for some big ole polka dotted one. The great thing is…rain boots are apparently out of season (I guess they never heard of Thunderstorms) so they are all pretty cheap right now! Score!!!

Remember I posted this blog not too long ago :Boy am I exhausted

I really wanted to take that advice to heart. My poor soul was aching for a change. I’ve really gone forward and did many of those things. Made the drastic change of getting rid of the car. I implore everyone to do something to jumpstart motivation in the positive direction. Of course, getting rid of your car is probably not an option for you but maybe getting rid of TV right after work for 3 hours. Or going for a walk before you go to work. Or skipping the second cup of coffee. Small steps equal steady gains in the long run. Try it out. What do you have to lose?


Brittany said...

I love those red boots! ;-) My husband and I have been working out at a gym, and really cutting back on sugar.. just eating better in general, and it feels good! I've lost 10 lbs, which is great! =) I'd like to lose about 12 more, but it's an awesome start!

maraley said...

10 lbs! That's amazing! I am trying so hard to cut down on Coca Cola. I'm a addicted hardcore.