Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Four Walls

My room revitalization project is going much slower than I first anticipated. The whole blog thing is going a much slower than I anticipated. I feel I am back on track now! As I said before, I just had to get some things into place, like a jigsaw puzzle.

So step one, new layout of room, has occurred. The new format makes me feel like my room is a whole new world, much like Aladdin and Jasmine found a whole new world…with love!

My room is lacking usable wall space which became a bit problematic, especially for the eyes. A window takes up one whole wall, and my closet and door to my room takes up another. Which leaves me with two walls. I used up my two walls with my bed and my furniture which really boxed in my room.



I moved my bed to the other wall in order to have open space when you first enter the room. It gives the illusion that the room is much larger than it is. I moved the desk against the window because it has a beautiful view AND it fits perfectly. Utilizing this wall opens up a lot of space in my room. I may use the negative space under the window for displaying something. What, I do not know for now. I will build a shelf under my table to store some quick things that are too big to fit in the drawers. Right now, its resting on the support beams for the desk. My dresser stayed where it was but when I build/get shelving I intend to free up some space on top and lay out  my jewelry and headbands. Maybe even get a few bowls to hold my items. The mirrors are still resting up against the walls but once I paint my room I plan to put them somewhere special. OOOOOH sooo exciting!

Yes, I drink beer in the middle of the afternoon…and what?

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