Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally, a Successful Photo Shoot!

Jeremy and I waited so long for this moment! We’ve been patient with the rain, opposite schedules, and fund lacking but we finally got it together and took a few pics of our new items. I’m so excited I could cry.

Well not really, I’m much too cool for that.

As I said before, I hate taking pictures and I have panic attacks whenever I do have to take them. I’m a weirdo I suppose. I’ll try and get more of my personality into my shots the next time we get together to take some piccys.

But I digress…here is the super fun, totally awesome photo shoot!

                IMAG0293-1IMAG0295-1IMAG0310-1IMAG0288-2               IMAG0315-1IMAG0320-1IMAG0332-1

Check out the rest when they are posted onto my Etsy shop! WOO HOO! We are also retaking pics of older merchandise now that I have gotten over my fear of taking pictures outside. So excited for what else is to come!

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