Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting it Together

It has been a hectic few weeks over here in Maraley land. Busy with work, trying to get it together with Jeremy (to take pics), and having no time to write in this blog!

In these hectic moments, trying to analyze life and clear up any clutter/loose ends, I’ve decided to give up my car. It costs too much to maintain and pay for. My car payment is GROSSLY high, insurance is insane, gas prices are rising, and regular maintenance of the car is slowly sucking away at any chance to really start building a savings. Not to mention the stress of all this mounting inside of me. I just need to start getting rid of unnecessary stresses and it is gone! NO MORE.

I can’t keep up this unhealthy lifestyle of high stress, bad food, and no money. So goodbye pretty car, we had a wild time but I don’t need you!

I’m really dedicated in bettering my mood and my life. So you’ll start to see some pleasant changes around here.


The last few days I have been watching “My So Called Life” and it really got me thinking. The perspectives of life, the changes that have happened within my world, who I am now vs. who I was yesterday.

When the show was on air, I was the around the same age as Angela Chase and her friends. I remember thinking, “Wow, this is so real and so how I feel. Jordan is the hottest guy ever, so crush worthy. Rayanne is the coolest friend, Rickie is the best gay boyfriend ever, and Brian Krakow. . . such a turd. The parents, oh god they are annoying!”

That was 15 years ago. But now, watching the series, I feel so connected with the parents. Their stress, their worries, Graham’s search for his dream job, their relationship insecurities. Yeah, they still are a little annoying, but I can sympathize with their reality a little more than with Angela’s.

That is what I love about life. How dynamic it all is. Because Angela’s reality, life, and problems were no less important than Graham’s and Patty’s. The same as my issues as a teenager are no different than my issues now. The relevance of age and wisdom are just the factor that makes them different.

That is what made this such a good show. The two perspectives of all of their “So Called” Lives.

Streaming now on Netflix! Check it out!




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Soap Deli News Blog said...

Great read. I've been thinking of watching My So Called Life again since discovering it on Netflix instant queue. It's very nostalgic for me.