Sunday, May 1, 2011

Room Update!

Ugh, what to do with this damn room! So many options, so many directions to go. I honestly want a room where I can be cozy but still inspired to do work. Nothing is more inspiring then my gorgeous view!

I love NYC. But I cannot see myself living there comfortably with the current economic condition that I am in. So I live in my home state of New Jersey, right on the Hudson River atop the Palisades cliff.

I just sit and stare out my window longingly, wishing I can enjoy a nice night out, without having to worry about what bills I have to sacrifice that month.

So here I am, in my room, alone. In this awful little room. That is why I want to redecorate.

Again, Here are the issues and hang-ups with some solutions brought to you with help from the cheap solution factory Ikea:

  • My dog hides under the bed. He also steals my socks, pens, and hides other things under there, creating a mess. I HATE MESSES
  • my closet is being swamped with bed linens

I don’t want this bed. I NEED this damn bed. As I said before, Charlie loves to escape under my bed after stealing a sock or some other thing of mine. Then a battle of wits ensues between the both of us. I cannot deal with him making a shrine to me under my bed. He also loves to “mark” the corner of my box spring and I cannot have him do that anymore! It is absolutely disgusting…but I love him and refuse to get rid of him. This bed solves all issues! I can store his toys away, put the linens that are taking up precious closet space in the drawers, and if he pees on the corner, it will be super easy to clean up…and scold him since he won’t hide under the bed!

I’m a bit weary of buying an Ikea bed, since I heard awful things about the slats to the beds breaking, but I also do not expect to do gymnast routines on top of the thing. Let’s hope it works out!

  • I have no space to put my books and I cannot have a bookshelf because I have a dog that just loves to mark things. He is not neutered and can be naughty sometimes.
  • My books are cluttering up my closet and I have no room for closet stuff.
  • I have no wall art or decorations on my walls. They are blank and empty.

I really love the idea of utilizing wall space for storage. I really don’t like cluttering up walls with pictures and I am a crazy practical person. Putting storage units and shelves up on walls creates a symbiosis of utilitarian usage and decoration. Mutually beneficial!

There are also several furry creatures in this apartment that love to swat things down. I also would love plants in my room but with those little guys around I’m afraid that they would eat/use it as litter. Usage of the floating shelves for plants would work out perfectly!

The wall cabinet is a bit pricier but the benefits are clear: you can personalize the cabinet doors with fabric, photos, or art! It has an insert option where you can pop in whatever you prefer and enjoy your own customizable cabinet. This is great for indecisive people such as myself who change their mind on designs all the time. It’s exciting!

  • I hate the color of my walls

I do. I really REALLY do. So remember I will probably be buying a white OR black bed, I have red and black furniture. Here are my choices so far

    • lime green or bit softer
    • pink (softer, not as bold as this background but along the same lines)
    • dove grey
    • earthy tans
    • pastel yellow

I still need to get paint swatches to hold up to my furniture. After some research, the favorite will be applied to these horrible walls!

I’m going to just stick to these basics for now! I don’t want to get overwhelmed. As soon as I can afford that bed, then everything will fall into place. Jeremy will be coming sometime this week to help me move around my furniture to get a better layout. I will post pics soon!


kristanlynn said...

totally loving your blog!!!

and hey... you're closer to NYC than me... which makes me uber jealous of you!

i plan on redecorating our place this summer with thrifted finds.. i have so many ideas! i plan on doing a post in the next week with links and pics.
you can do so much.. like repurposing an old ladder as a bookshelf, using old apple crates stacked together as cubby's. =)

cheapochic.. that's what i'm calling it. HAH!

Maraley and Jeremy said...

I LOVE IT ALL!! I already have some thrifted finds that my lovely doggy has pee pee'd on. GRUMBLE.

I love the apple crates idea. I saw that IKEA sold crates that looked JUST like apple crates for the walls. I think once I get the room painted, my furniture set in its proper places, I can start thinking up creative ideas.

I've worked for Urban Outfitters for 6 years, I think I may have learned something along the way.

cb said...

i love the idea of storage under the bed especially one that is built in that like! i moved my work desk in front of two large windows that get great light and it has been so awesome! having great light is major!


maraley said...

I'm so excited to move my desk toward the window. I can't wait to post the updates!