Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bookshelf Idea 1

I have nowhere to put my book collection. Pile upon pile of books lay stacked in my closet, collecting dust and inaccessible. I get so frustrated when I want to reference a design, concept, recipe, anything and I have to go through each book to get the the one on  bottom. Yellowed pages and dust, bindings warping from undistributed weight, words forgotten and ignored because they are out of sight and out of mind. Well, not anymore damn it! I have finished phase one of my room design (new room layout!) and will be moving soon to phase 2  (fresh new paint). In the meantime I am just dreaming up some bookshelf designs and trying to find the best solution for me. This is all so exciting!



I love the old weathered wood and the simplicity and rawness of the pipe and flange. Raw and understated, this would fit perfect in my reds, blacks, and yellows of my room. Fortunately I have been working with pipe and flange for 6 years at Urban. Unfortunately, I know how well it does not hold up. I would still love to try this out.Click on the picture for the tutorial on how to make this bookshelf.

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