Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Belt It When You Can Knot It?

I love a good belt, but lately too many people are belting things to make an outfit a little less boring.  Why belt it when you can tie it, knot it, clip it, cinch it, tuck it, pin it or cut it?

Now, you WILL see me put a belt on a few outfits on here, especially if I am selling the item (I don’t want to damage a garment I am selling!). Sometimes a belt is the best option.

But I challenge thee, think outside the box!

I’m not good at this fashion blog/photo taking thing…very humble beginnings.

out the way Charlie!

Grainy is my middle name

Yeah I pretty much always look displeased.

Floral Romper, Sweater, Turban – Urban Outfitters

Boots – Dr. Martens

Cut off leggings to hide my butt cheeks, baby’s got back. . .

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