Sunday, February 12, 2012

I got to admit its getting better. . .

Okay, that last entry wasn’t my best. It was dripping of cynicism and negativity. Well…if ya’ know me I guess that entry was just very much me. Just not as funny.

Today we started work on the baby room. Actually, my dad started work on the baby room. Jeremy, my mother and I just sorta’ went food shopping, Charlie shopping, and surfed the web. Now, I know how to work a paintbrush probably better than most people, but when it comes to my father, no one knows how to do it better than him. That’s his living, he likes to build and paint (Need work done: contact Santos Remodeling for all your house-y needs!).

Like a dufus I forgot to take pictures of the room BEFORE we started the paintjob. It was a dark, diarrhea/exorcist puke green. It wasn’t a bad green, that’s just the shade it was. Imagine if the girl in the exorcist had less bile in her puke to make it pea color and it was just a more concentrated green. Yeah, like that. It took my dad 2 or 3 coats of white paint based in a primer to cover it up before he could start the pretty light shade/hint of purple we chose. I’ll take pics of it tomorrow. It makes me happy and more into the fact that I’m having a little girl, a fact that makes me a bit weary.

Oh, my poor little girl. I worry so much. Not just for the fact that she doesn’t have an older brother to protect her, like I did. But for the fact that she has a mother like me. I’m the absolute worse girl ever. To me, everything girly is utterly boring. I hate weddings, could care less about nail polishes, I hate having hair let alone doing it, I die a little inside when I have to sit through romantic comedies. Everything that is geared toward women is something that I probably abhor. Except make up….and clothes. Love that.

I guess I’ll get more into that in another post. Right now I'm letting my mind spill out before I start having organized posts again. A week to ramble before I get right back into subjects and making sense. My Carrie Bradshaw like ranting posts (ps I  loved Sex and the City…I guess I have a little more estrogen than I thought).

Till then, Imma’ just let it out and get my mind clean of all the clutter and bullshit that is floating around. If you’ve been pregnant before, you can probably understand what I am talking about. Complete emotional crazy shit show that is happening in those brains!

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