Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FAQ’s about the Baby Celebration

I’ve been getting asked a bunch of questions about the party and I figured I would just compile a FAQ list for everyone to just refer to. I want to be as helpful as possible so everyone can have as much fun as I will!

1. How do I get there?

Well I do not want to post directions on this blog, but the hall is easy to get to from the GSP, Route 21 or Route 3. If you are driving from Manhattan taking the Lincoln tunnel to 3 West would be your best bet, but if you prefer the bridge take route 80 to GSP south and boom, joo there. If you need more specific directions, call a bitch!

2. Where are you registered?

Jeremy and I are registered at Target. You can search my name or his name. If you don’t know how to spell my name…how are we friends or family?

3. How long is the party?

The party is only from 3pm to 7pm. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay there!

4. Wait, can I really drink at the party?

That’s what it said on the invitation, didn’t it? We will have beer supplied for you but you can always bring your own bottle if you prefer. Just don’t get sloppy drunk! This is a baby shower after all!

5. Should I buy a gift?

It is a baby shower! Of course you can always go in with another person and get a group gift to save some bucks. I’m excited to have my friends and family there and the thought always counts with me! Just try to get that thought at Target!

6. What should I wear? Do I have to get dressed up?

I didn’t think it was important to dress up, but some of my co-workers want reasons to wear pretty clothes and I said “go ahead”! I think it will be cute to have everyone there in their Sunday’s finest. But it isn’t necessary. If you are more comfy in t-shirt and jeans than so be it.

7. Where are you registered?

I’m registered at Target. That’s the stuff I really need. I probably won’t need 18 adorable bear shaped blankets and will probably return 17 of those so please try to keep to registry stuff!

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