Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy Mom-to-Bee

I’m finally off of work and this gives me time to put together the baby’s room, my apartment, and my life. You cannot even imagine the mess that was in my head. I was so overwhelmed with everything going on in my life. You think I would take it easy now….well I wasn’t at first…but I sure the hell am now!

The baby’s room is coming along fantastically and I will take pics tomorrow to show the progress. Now remember, it used to be an empty, dark green room. That’s your starting imagery.

My baby shower was tons of fun, but not without a hiccup. Well, more than a hiccup. My poor dad was sent to the emergency room with a heart attack at the end of the shower while we were cleaning up! That man doesn’t know the meaning of slow down and he just stressed himself a little too much. He is fine now, but at the time it was extremely stressful, as you can very well imagine. I haven’t had a chance to send thank you cards and it was 2 days before I could open gifts. Spending time with my mom and with family was my first obligation.

The baby is dropping every day and it makes it harder for me to stand or walk for long periods at a time. The doctor said she may be out a week early since my progress looks very good. I can’t wait for us to hold her in our arms. We are just too excited.

Well tomorrow Jeremy and I have some painting to do, shades to put up, additional cleaning and I have some crafting I want to get done. Then, in a few days once I feel baby stuff is settled, I think its time to pay attention to the shop once again! Its been gathering dust, but I think its high time to get some new stuff up and get a sale going on. Exciting!

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