Friday, April 13, 2012

So I totally haven’t taken pics of the room yet…

But its because Jeremy and I were so busy nesting in our other rooms. We decided on working on our living room. Not because we have awesome furniture to place, but mostly because things were kinda thrown around. Jeremy sometimes feels like a stranger here and has boxes of his things thrown about because he doesn’t know where to put them. So he went through them yesterday and I helped him sort through his stuff so they can find a semi-perma home until we buy more organizational stuff (like bookshelves and drawers). We put up shades in our living room and I put away all my video game stuff and threw my random boxes away and now our living room looks presentable.

We both had productive days yesterday. Jeremy went skateboarding for a few minutes at the skate park across the street. Then he came back and decided he wanted to go for a run. As he was getting ready he asked me this question:

“Do you have a small watch, stopwatch or something?”

“I have a Hello Kitty watch from Mcdonalds…”

Jeremy straps on the watch and goes for his 20 minute run in my neighborhood. Couldn’t be more proud to call him the father of my child.

Then we went for a long walk with the Charles to the post office. And we bathed the little guy and clipped his hair. We decided Charlie was due a Mohawk.


I love that dog so much. That cute little scruffy dog.

Then we did some necessary house chores and just spiffed this place up real good like. I feel very good about the progress.

We’ve been collecting mason jars, so I’m going to use them as nightlights in the nursery. I just have to decorate them. Let’s see how those come out later today. Right now, I’m going to put my feet up and relax. I’m still a bit wiped out from yesterday’s chores and probably should remember that I need to slow down. Labor is going to be intensive. I had some major cramps yesterday and she’s dropping lower than a frat girl at a kegger. OOOH SO EXCITED!

Post my jars laterz.

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