Thursday, May 17, 2012

To My Co-Workers


I was thinking about the best way to thank everyone without sending out a ba-jillion cards to the store. so I’ll just post it here on the blog. Oh technology! Ok, Imma’ let the baby take over. She’s highly advanced for her age. . .


Hey guys, how’s it hanging. Sorry it took me so long to come out! I was completely draining my mom of all food and energy so sorry this took so long to do.

Here we go:

To Cat, Lorraine, Krystle, Sandra, Kashe’ – Thank you for the awesome high chair. I’m still just feeding from bottles, but I can’t wait to throw my bowl onto the floor and create a big mess for my mom while sitting on this thing! Thanks!

To LiL Lo – Thanks for the Diaper Bag and the Ducky book. That bag carries all my stuff around and good thing too! I like to eat a lot which means I use the bathroom a lot. Lot’s of diapers and wipes. Mama reads me the book every night before bedtime. It’s riveting, I especially get all emotional when the duckies fly off the shipping boat. PS, please call social services, my mom threatens to punch me cause I’m so cute. . .

To Danay, Skye, Denisse, Manny, Hanif, Leeza, Sheila, and GiGi – Thanks so much for the pump. Mama had difficulty during delivery with me and I got a lil sick after birth so we needed to use this pump to get me my nutrition that I needed. Thank you soo much! It would’ve been super awkward to have Manny there doing it. ..

Sandra – I love my towel! I look so cute in it. I can’t wait to have my first bath so mama can actually put it to use instead of undressing me for no purpose and putting me in it just to see how cute I look. She’s weird.

Antonia – The Vans are to die for and those lil socks. Daddy wears Vans so when we opened this gift he was super excited to see that this is what you bought me. I can’t wait till they fit me!

Nicole – Girl, I love that dress! I wore it on mother’s day and I looked so darn cute! It was a hit! Thank you soo much for it.

Tiny – The clothes are amazing! I can’t wait to fit in some of those outfits. Mama is probably more excited to see me in it than I am. Since I’m a big girl I’ll probably be wearing them sooner than everyone thought! Thank you soo much!

Thanks again guys for all the gifts and all the well wishes! You guys rock!

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