Sunday, April 24, 2011

A bit of a hiccup

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! It was such a beautiful day today. I went down the shore to spend time with my parents and my brother and his family. Sadly, I did not take pictures. Today was the day I should have! I wore skinny black jeans, a ruffle front tank, an open cap sleep cardigan and brown boots. When I arrived at my brothers, my mother was there. . . wearing skinny black jeans, a ruffle front cap sleeve blouse, a white open cardigan, and brown fringe boots (she’s soon to be 55 BTW! Love her!). We giggled and she called me her “constant fashion inspiration”! Oh mama!

Technical difficulties with my internet and a busy work week has definitely slowed down my progress! So much work to be done!

I didn’t even get a chance to work on my room project. That might have to get worked into next weeks to do list. But I did get to take some fancy pictures of myself! Ok, maybe not that fancy. As I said before I do not have a camera (yet) and I don’t have access to a picture taker, and I am never comfortable when others take my picture. So, I can just give you teenage girl mirror pics. For now it shall suffice. I do apologize for the rudimentary quality.

IMG00465-20110421-1844  IMG00469-20110421-1845











Outfit 1

Jacket- Early 2000’s J –crew

skirt – BDG – Urban Outfitters

Top – BDG sweatshirt – Urban Outfitters

Lace shorts – Sparkle and Fade – Urban Outfitters

Boots – Dr. Martens

Outfit 2

Vest – Vintage find

Top – Ecote – Urban Outfitters

Dress – vintage find

boots – heritage boots BDG – Urban Outfitters

Belt – Urban Outfitters


Yeah I don’t dress my age…so what!

OK, on to business! My weekly checklist! I’m going to keep it light since this week is going to be another hectic work week with an investor visit on Tuesday. Ugh, I have soo much to do!! I had to cancel a bachelorette party this past Friday to get in some sleep. BUMMED!


Sunday – off

  • Spend time with family

Monday –  work

  • send out sold item # 2!
  • start deciding how you want to organize room furniture, shelving etc.
  • research cheap room makeovers – Ikea, thrift, etc.
  • Take pics of work outfit – choose outfit for next day.

Tuesday – Work

  • Blog about room ideas – storage ideas – design ideas
  • Research blogs and Etsy pages for favorite shops/items
  • Take pics of work outfit

Wednesday – work

  • Research blogs and Etsy pages for favorite shops/items
  • pick outfit for work

Thursday –  work

  • research blogs and Etsy pages for favorite shops/items
  • Research about things to do in Rhode Island – Inspiration trip with Mom Jeans/Jeremy
  • Take pics of outfit – choose outfit for next day

Friday -  off

  • Jeremy and Maraley take pics?
  • bathe and give Charles a hair cut! HE NEEDS THE CUT!
  • Fashion Friday! Blog about favorite items/shops

Saturday – Work

  • Whatever was not completed during the week. . . do it today!


OH, and here are pics of my two sold items so far this month:















Come on guys buy this stuff! I am honored to have you wear the things I find and love!

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