Friday, April 29, 2011


So Jeremy (Mom Jeans) and I tried to take pics but it was too cloudy today. I am ultra aggravated. So I cannot post any new items this coming week.

I have a day off tomorrow and I plan on getting a lot done. Product descriptions, Charlie’s bath, research, finding a new way to lay out my room…so much!

It’s all going to come over the next few days!

On another note, is everyone else tired of people “belting” outfits to make things look special? I’m a fan of belts and belting was all the rage like 4 years ago, but I feel now people think throwing a belt over an outfit makes an outfit special. Tomorrow I will bring you alternatives to belting that I think people may enjoy. Again, stay tuned! It’s going to be an exciting weekend!

PS We sold another item! Very excited! Thanks ya’ll for the support! We are very excited here about selling our stuffs!

grateful elephant gives thanks

by madame platypus

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