Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm silly

I am a very silly person. I cannot help it. I get a kick out of life and I very much appreciate the funny things in life. There are a lot of stresses out there in this world that I cannot be distracted by. Being funny helps me cope. So if you think I am not serious you are mistaken. Being serious about life and work and being a funny person are two things that can go hand and hand. Who says you cannot inject your personality into your work. It is why I like to joke around with my Etsy shop. In a few hours I am going to show you guys the business cards I've been working on. I hope everyone enjoys them.

Life is too short to always be so sedate. Try living and laughing a little. Try having a lot of fun. I promise you will feel a lot younger when you keep your heart light!

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