Sunday, April 17, 2011

I hate my room

I’ve been sitting on this project for long enough! In January of 2010 I moved to my current apartment in West New York. It is absolutely adorable and the location is amazing. The rent is reasonable, there is a dog park right across the street for Mr. Charles, and there are 24 hour buses running to mid-town Manhattan.

There is just one little hiccup; I do not like my room.

It has wonderful closet space and a SICK view of the Manhattan skyline, but it just isn’t comfortable. When I lay in bed, I expect to sigh and forget all my troubles, but I just look around and realize I can’t shake things off.

Here are my hang ups:

    • My dog hides under the bed. He also steals my socks, pens, and hides other things under there, creating a mess. I HATE MESSES.
    • I have no workspace. My desk is missing a chair.
    • My mirrors are all propped against a wall
    • my walls are a gross eggshell flat paint color and does not mesh with my black and red furniture that I love soo much
    • The whole apartment is tiled or hard wood floors. For some reason my landlord thought it would be great to put in a carpet in just MY room. It was shabby when I moved in. I steam cleaned it in October but we have two cats and a dog. It gets very dirty very quickly. Have to steam it again
    • I have no wall art or anything to decorate.
    • I have no space to put my books and I cannot have a bookshelf because I have a dog that just loves to mark things. He is not neutered and can be naughty sometimes.

Reading that, it sounds like I’m living in a hovel. I assure you it isn’t a hovel. I am a relatively neat person. I just haven’t sat down and really decided what I wanted to do with my room/solve these hang ups.

My dream room offers comfort, space, aesthetically pleasing, work area, and a place where I can sleep comfortably. Let’s see what I can come up with.

I have som e ideas but what do you guys have to offer in the idea department? I am always open to suggestions and feedback!

Tomorrow I will post pics of my room in its current condition. UGH!


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

my suggestion would be to start with a room at a time, don't over do it all at once. It is hard to say what I would change with out photos, I do suggest painting that is always adds a new look and feel....have fun!

enjoy *~*

maraley said...

thank you! yes right now I can only afford/concentrate on the bedroom!