Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie!

Work these last few days has kicked my ass. No, it wasn’t anything too strenuous, its just been a little difficult getting back into the grind after 9 days of no work. But my battery is recharged and I am ready to rock it out again.

I’m unfortunately backed up from my weekly agenda. Tomorrow I have a day off and I am going to absolutely take advantage of every minute and try and catch up with my back logged week. Oh its going to be a nice day, even if its full of April Showers.

So Wednesday will be full of pictures of my crappy room, ideas for said crappy room and maybe I’ll put together an outfit for funsies. Unfortunately Jeremy, my partner in work crime, can not make it to work with me here due to his life. *Roll eyes* HOW DARE HE HAVE A LIFE!

Bye Bye Birdie

Dick Van Dyke, Janet Lee and Ann-Margret rock out in this awesome movie from pre-Beatle era 1963.  An innocent tale about a young teenage girl named Kim MacAfee from Sweet Apple, Ohio who is picked randomly from selection of teenage girls to kiss her favorite Elvis-like Teen Idol Conrad Birdie. Conrad turns Sweet Apple Ohio upside down in a frenzy, causing the boys to fight with their girlfriends and parents to panic at those swiveling hips. Full of amazing choreography and music, Ann-Margret is way too sizzling sexy to be playing a sweet 16 year old and Dick Van Dyke is charming as ever playing the mama’s boy who just can’t get the guts to marry his pretty Hispanic long suffering girlfriend (typical).

If you haven’t seen this movie and you love the classics I urge you to please Netflix it. Get a peek at the time before the Beatles and Kennedy’s death, the innocence of Rock and Roll and mainstream America.

As children my mother used to play this film for us and it always brings me to a time when life was so simple. As a family, with my brother and sister, we would just watch,laugh, sing and dance along. I miss those real days, my mother and father tired from work and us kids entertaining them by reenacting the movie, our little feet imitating the moves. It was all so effortless then, our happiness as little ones. I would say I miss those days, but not much has changed with our dynamic as a family.

Well, as an adult, my mother popped in this movie when I stayed over there on vacation and we sang along and laughed at all the same funny parts and just talked about how innocent and cute it was.It was just like the good old days. . .on a different level. A 30 year old daughter talking to her 54 year old mother.

My one favorite line that I said, watching this as an adult. . . “Isn’t that outfit a little too sexy for a 16 year old girl to be wearing?”












watch my favorite part here!


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