Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Organizational post

So for weeks I have been thinking about how to reach people through my blog. What kind of advice can I offer people? What wisdom can I impart onto my readers?

Like I’ve said before, I’ve been in retail management for 3 years (consecutively) and overall in customer service, management, and retail for 12 years. I know how to manage things when I have the resources, energy and time to do so.

When I was younger (I’m only 30, but I am much more tired than my 24 year old self) I found myself able to juggle many different things. Work, school(4.0 in college), social life. But, boy are things getting more difficult with each passing year.

I used to be able to do things, exciting and inventive things. Now I’m so preoccupied with just working and surviving I forgot what it was like to have other things going on in my life.

So I’ve decided to use this blog as and online checklist. The same way as I write a checklist every week at work and for myself personally. Something to hold myself accountable week after week. Something I can help others with organizing themselves and holding me as well as themselves accountable. A buddy system blog.

As it is, right now, I have no followers. BOO HOO! But I read my blog and I can hold myself accountable. Here it goes. My every Sunday starting from now on weekly checklist:

This week on Maraley-Vintage Purveyor


Sunday – off

  • Talk to Jeremy about schedule. Plan what day to buy new merchandise/re-shoot of items in shop. When day is planned update into checklist
  • Find free things to do in New York City/New Jersey/discounted/make plans to do it soon so you can blog about it!

Monday – Back to work

  • Clean room
  • Take pics of room
  • start deciding how you want to organize room furniture, shelving etc.
  • research cheap room makeovers – Ikea, thrift, etc.
  • Take pics of work outfit – choose outfit for next day.

Tuesday – Work

  • boo hoo: no new merchandise to talk about
  • Blog about room ideas – storage ideas – design ideas
  • Research blogs and Etsy pages for favorite shops/items
  • Take pics of work outfit

Wednesday – Day off

  • Give Charlie a bath and cut his hair
  • blog about how to groom a Charlie
  • Research blogs and Etsy pages for favorite shops/items
  • pick outfit for work

Thursday – Pay day – work

  • Pay bills. Save money for Etsy shop merchandise
  • research blogs and Etsy pages for favorite shops/items
  • Research about things to do in Rhode Island – Inspiration trip with Mom Jeans/Jeremy
  • Take pics of outfit – choose outfit for next day

Friday -  work

  • Fashion Friday! Blog about favorite items/shops
  • pics/outfits/joo get it

Saturday – Work

  • Whatever was not completed during the week. . . do it today!

Organize, Damn It print by the Anti-Bride


So said...
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Kanelstrand said...

The first way to reach people, I think, is to let your knowledge blend with you skills naturally. It is so easy afterwards to write about it!

And just a humble hint: make it easy for people to comment under your posts! :)

maraley said...

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!