Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Thrill of the Hunt

A very SNEAK peak at what is soon to come

It hits me when I walk into the building, like a shockwave through my body. The smell of the past runs deep into my sinus’; that familiar mothballs and dust smell of vintage wares. I’m exhilarated. I don’t where to start first. Row before row, shelf before shelf of boxes all labeled “60’s dresses”, “80’s cocktail”, “Secretary blouses”.

I get excited and I start getting that tense feeling in my stomach. It isn’t a bad tension, it’s the anticipation of the wonderful find that I am going to come across. I know its out there, I just have to rummage through these boxes to get through to them.They are all there for the taking and for my pleasure.

I bring down the first box that intrigues me “cocktail dresses”  and I am not impressed. I see an ocean of sequins and beads and some torn lace. I am determined not to give up! I decide to rummage to the bottom of this box and I see gorgeous pink chiffon peeking through a gaudy new years dress. I tug at the fabric and out comes a long flowy 70’s maxi dress. I start to sweat with excitement! My first find of the day!


Now, I am completely motivated. I go to the next box labeled 90’s dresses and I find a mid length awesome grunge dress. I can’t help but feel like Liv Tyler.



I decide one more peek into dresses will suffice. I shuffle towards the room with the hanging racks and decide to peek in there. I stay away from the shoes because they always get me in trouble. I see bright blue peeking through two old MOB dresses. I gravitate towards the rack and find this adorable 70’s dress.


It’s only been 10 minutes and I found three amazing dresses. I cockily walk toward the bag section and look for some great vintage bags and behold: a coach bag. Damn this is luck. I also find two great 60’s/70’s bags.



I never have as much luck with tops but I proceed to find an amazing 70’s secretary blouse and an early 80’s open cardigan and sweater. I also find my favorite type of hippie skirts. All in all, it was a good day for inventory!


Now to get Mom Jeans over here to take some pictures!

Too see them all fully outfitted and ready to go stay tuned to our Etsy page and this blog! WOO HOO!

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