Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Feel OLD!

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, my 30th birthday came and went. It wasn't/isn't so bad. The thing with me is that I keep myself very silly and youthful. I cannot be bothered with all that acting like a grown up bullshit. It is not fun! Who says I have to act a certain way to be mature? I can still be silly and dance around at the same time as paying my bills and holding a job. There is nothing wrong with that.

The week before my b-day, Mom Jeans and I went to Beacon's closet in Williamsburg to search for some good vintage (for ourselves). The trip was a bust! We ended up going to the bar across the street (Brooklyn Bar) and having Newcastle in a can and a burger. I traded one item in at Beacon's and got 5 bucks. Woo!

God bless Mom Jeans. As I was tweeting and trying to make plans for the night he reminded me that I made plans with my best friend Fiorella and her husband John. I swear, my memory is so shot lately. I left Jeremy and ran off to meet up with Fiorella and John for our Karaoke date. Fiorella has been my best friend since I was 10 years old. I don't have many friends and it isn't because I am incapable of having friends, it's because I am very bad with keeping in contact with them. I'm not your typical female that calls her friends up and sits on the phone talking for hours. I just don't care to do that or I forget. Like I said, I have a bad memory and I like being alone. I'm a strange person. Fiorella has been one of the only ones that has understood that and not really cared about our contact/no contact situation. She has a life too. It's our agreement. My other friend who understands that is Tara, that gorgeous soul. I'm trailing off topic though. Okay, back to Karaoke.

We bar hopped in New Jersey trying to find the perfect spot. After 3 bars we finally settled on this bar/restaurant in Fairlawn, I believe. John sang "OPP" and I sang "Oochie Wally". It's like what we are known for. I got pretty drunk and it happened too long ago for me to actually tell a great story about it. But hey, this is what I wore:



Then it was time for my birthday party the following weekend. Boy was that a shit show. It was 90's themed and so many people showed up my head spun. I felt like a little princess in a grunge outfit. I wish I took more pictures but I was having way too much fun. The cops came and told us to keep it down. That is how you know that was a crazy time. Sorry people I yelled at to shut up. . .

The 10th was my nephew Juan's 4th birthday. I got up early, after a night of partying, cleaned the empties around my apartment, swept and mopped, and off I went to the little shindig. I wore a super cute blue dress with a white lace blouse over it. Again I felt like a princess, less 90's grunge. We ate pizza and cake. I slept over there and spent time with my brother and his family. I love those little boys. I miss my sister's sons, my other nephews. I can't wait to see them soon! I got to see her daughter, baby Gabby. She's such a cute little nugget!


Well that's been my weekend and vacation so far. Tomorrow Mom Jeans comes over for some Etsy work, dinner, and the last few episodes of season 3 of the Sopranos. I can't wait for this upcoming weekend! I promise to take more pics of myself and my life.









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